Code of Business Ethics and Corporate Conduct
Originally published: 20/02/2018 08:48
Publication number: ELQ-14287-1
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Code of Business Ethics and Corporate Conduct

An 11 page Model Template Code of Business Ethics and Corporate Conduct for your company.

This Code can be used as a model for your company's code of conduct, code of business ethics and the like. It is a comprehensive and concise 11 page document that is designed to make clear what is and isn't allowed and condoned. Topics covered include ethical standards, bribery, money laundering, insider trading, conflicts of interest, political and charitable donation, gifts and entertainment, and close friends and relative working relationships. Examples are included.

Also covered is Confidentiality of Data and Safeguarding the company's reputation which is addressed through guidance on social media, political activism, and speaking directly to the media. Consequences for violations. handling violations and obligation to report misconduct with concrete useful examples is also included.

Whistleblowing is mentioned in relation to reporting misconduct , but the policy itself is a separate purchase.

Although this code was employed by a corporate attorney, a re-deployment should include a fresh legal review.

Please note that this Code was written from a UK perspective, especially in relation to Facilitation payments which the FCPA allows for small payments and the UK Bribery does not. It should however be easy to use as foundation for any company operating in any part of the world.

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Further information

To help compliance officers and legal draft an easy to read, compelling and comprehensive Code of Business Ethics and Corporate Conduct that makes clear to employees the types of behavior which will not be tolerated.

To provide concrete examples that resonate with employees, thus creating deterrence to improper behavior.

-> Companies looking to establish corporate ethics and standards

-> Companies looking to add anti-bribery, money laundering, insider trading, and conflicts of interest to to its code, handbook, or policy manual.

-> Companies that desire a concise but comprehensive Code of Business Ethics and Corporate Conduct companies looking to improve it's Code of Business Ethics and Corporate Conduct.

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