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Originally published: 13/06/2018 08:30
Publication number: ELQ-13579-1
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Roadmap to Success

This presentation looks at making the first step and developing your roadmap as a startup.

Many future startup founders have the same questions when they're starting out. A lot struggle to know where to start, or even what they should expect.

Sometimes trying to work out the first step is actually the hardest thing for future entrepreneurs who would like to kick-start their business. Startup Secrets and special guest Paula Long present the story of EqualLogic. This acts as a case study for developing a startup roadmap. Paula has a lot of experience starting and building businesses, and being a multi-time founder, knows all too well the ups and downs of this process. EqualLogic became a billion-dollar business, but the path to this success was far from linear.

This presentation looks at what we can learn from EqualLogic's journey and what Paula went through as an entrepreneur. Startup Secrets also looks at what framework we can take from this to ask questions about how you could begin to plan your venture journey. These are worthwhile issues that are a good basis for many of the Startup Secrets frameworks that are referenced in the provided slides.

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