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How To Transition From Buying Homes To Commercial Property

Joe advises those in the real estate industry planning to transition from buying homes to buying commercial property.

Joe Crump gives expert advice on real estate. As an experienced mentor, he uses video to answer real questions given to him by his followers. He provides actionable advice in plain English to help those in the real estate industry.

In this video, Joe answers the question: "I want to transition from buying single family homes to buying 50+ unit apartments. How do you suggest I pitch potential investors and move towards multi unit apartment investing?"

Step-by-step, Joe recommends many strategies and ways of facilitating this transition. Gathering on experience from many years in the industry, Joe draws on his knowledge to tell the best possible ways of transitioning into multi unit apartment investing, including tips on things you may not even have thought of. Joe aims to provide advice that will enable you to take the safest and most profitable option in the long-run.

Length: 5 minutes 22 seconds

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