Consulting Resume Template
Originally published: 12/06/2019 14:22
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Consulting Resume Template

This is Wall Street Oasis’ template for a consulting resume for undergraduate students.

Your resume is your first impression to companies. It’s the filter that decides whether you’re worth considering or not. You can use this word document template to set out your consulting resume, indicating a few key details in a properly formatted resume. The format of your resume won’t get you the job, but it can get you rejected so its important to pay attention to the details. Luckily, with this template, we’ve done the work for you. The spacing has been checked, the margins aligned, and the content fills the page enough to present everything you need but without clutter.

Hopefully you’ll have some relevant experience or prestigious internships to include. Some form of solid experience is basically a requirement for your resume. After all, you can have a perfectly formatted resume with all the right characteristics, but this won’t outweigh a lack of substantial experience when looking for consulting work.

There are certain features firms are looking for that you want to show in your resume (show, not just tell) and how you could include them:
• Problem solver: a time you solved a problem e.g. improving the funding allocation at a club
• Leader: leadership experience at a club, volunteer organization, etc.
• Hard worker: excellent GPA, internships, volunteering, etc. (anything to give you an edge)
• Personable: leadership/volunteering experience

Simply fill in the blanks, get it proofread, and you'll have a quality resume.

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