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How to insert Eloquens Discount Coupons

This short video🎬 explains how to implement Eloquens Discount Coupons for your Best Practices.💸

Hi there,

Welcome back to Eloquens.com In this video, I will be explaining how to implement and use Eloquens "Discount Coupons" for your Best Practices.🤑

As you know, your Best Practices are often shared in multiple channels - whether that be social media👥 (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.), email, your personal website, on Eloquens.com or even offline at business events or similar.📣 Having the same price for all these channels doesn't really make sense as you may be addressing different types of audiences who have different problems that need to be solved (and who don't have the same price sensitivity). Moreover, you may be interested in launching discounts on a specific time frame to boost your sales (on Black Friday for example).💰

To address this we've built "Discount Coupons" for you here at Eloquens.com.

They will allow you to:

1/ Enable Multi-Channel Marketing for your various audiences✅
2/ Drive extra traffic to your best practices by increasing the appetite to download✅
3/ Give a sense of exclusivity and build trust with your audience✅

Here's how they work:

Firstly, in your "Published Best Practices Page", simply click on "Add a Coupon".

Then, for example, I'll add a special coupon for people coming via my "personal website", with a 30% discount valid only today, Black Friday. And voilà!✨

Users will then be able to insert the coupon name that I've communicated to them in their cart when prompted to.

Of course, you can create as many coupons as you want.🤝

Many authors are already using coupons with very positive effects. So you're welcome to test them out to increase your passive revenue generated on Eloquens.com! 🤗

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via Private Message 📧 in the Eloquens Academy Channel or call us 📞 at +1 646-586-2919 . We're here to help you!

Thanks and happy publishing!👋

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