Track Your Employees Production Worksheet
Originally published: 03/11/2019 21:54
Publication number: ELQ-39749-1
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Track Your Employees Production Worksheet

Use this tool to track your employees' daily production.

If you have employees that assemble product on a daily basis, and you need to track their production and pay, this tool could be useful for you.

Instead of combining employee information and daily production data on one worksheet, this tool has one worksheet where you can list all employees and assign a code to each employee. A separate table on this page allows you to assign a product code to the employee. The benefit of this method is that you can change your list of employees as they are hired or leave the company.

Data input is a separate sheet, using drop down lists to enter the data to ensure consistency of information.

A summary page automatically calculates the following key metrics: Total Paid to Each Employee, Total Paid to Each Employee by Date, and Total Unit Production by Date and by Employee.

There is another worksheet that automatically calculates total unit output by day for each item.

An easy way to quickly track each day's production for your daily business.

You can view a video that describes this file at this link:

Or look on my YouTube Channel - and search for Employee Daily Production Tracking Tool.

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