M&A Case Study PowerPoint
Originally published: 18/01/2020 07:30
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M&A Case Study PowerPoint

M&A Case Study PowerPoint Submission for CFI's 2019 Financial Modeling Competition

This is an M&A Case Study PowerPoint based on a fictitious potential transaction. It was created as a submission for the 2019 Financial Modeling Competition - World Case Championships held by Corporate Finance Institute.

The transaction presented is a mergers & acquisition case study recommendation for Nestlé S.A. to acquire one of three fictitious companies that are potential acquisition targets. As apart of the case, the author acts as an M&A Analyst at a fictitious Financial Advisory firm, Consumers Capital Advisory.
This presentation serves as an example of a presentation drafted that is directed towards the management of Nestlé S.A. that outlines a recommended M&A target with rationale included.
The presentation includes an Executive Summary, an overview of Transaction Opportunities, an overview of the Target Company and Market Analysis, Valuation of the target company, an overview of the Transaction itself, an analysis of the Value Creation from the transaction, and an overall Summary and Sensitivity Analyses.

This PowerPoint slide deck may be used to display to users M&A presentation formatting and style. Furthermore, users may draw inspiration from this PowerPoint for presentations drafted for other case competitions.
This PowerPoint deck was included in the submission that placed 1st in Canada and 6th Globally.

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