3 Ways To Become A Better UX Designer
Originally published: 02/03/2018 13:29
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3 Ways To Become A Better UX Designer

This video talks about 3 ways that can enable you to become a better UX designer.

When it comes to becoming a better designer, there are 3 key areas that Laith believes that all designers need to really pay attention to.

The first key area is that designers need to negotiate their skills. As Laith has worked with clients throughout his career- whether it be freelance or for agencies- he has found that many times he hasn't really fully understood how to communicate his designs effectively. Or maybe sometimes as a designer working with developers, he has thought of some great ideas, but when these ideas are matched with the budget and with the development time, they don't really work out. So when it comes to negotiating your skills, you need to become very effective at that. And the best way he recommends negotiating your skills is to understand a little bit about what other people do, or about who you are working with.

Laith goes onto explain this point in more detail along with 2 other recommendations for bettering yourself as a designer.

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