Marketing Research Template
Originally published: 16/03/2018 15:32
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Marketing Research Template

This marketing research template comes with guidelines that allow you to conduct market research with ease.

This market research template will cover everything your potential research partner will need to know to design and estimate a cost for your project.

Athena Brand Wisdom has developed some guidelines to help clients write briefs that will get the most out of their research partners. There is no one way to write a research brief, but what does matter is that you give your partners the direction they need to really deliver on your objectives. A good brief can also serve as a benchmark for all parties to measure the results by.

Just remember: the more direction you give your partners, the better results you will get!

This template consists of the following sections:

• Background: What is the context for this research?
• Research Purpose: What is the role of this research?
• Research Objectives: What do we want from this research?
• Target Audience: Whom do we want to talk to?
• Research Stimulus: What material does the research need to explore?
• Existing Research or Other Information: What do we already know?
• Suggested Approach: What method do we have in mind?
• Timeframe: When do we need the results?
• Reporting Requirements: How do we want the findings to be presented?
• Budget: How much is available to spend?
• Client Contact Information:

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