Voltage Drop Calculator
Originally published: 29/11/2017 16:22
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Voltage Drop Calculator

Excel Calculator to work out voltage drop.

The drop calculations presented in this spreadsheet were all based on the resistance values shown in Chapter 9 Table 8 of the National Electric Code. The only thing considered in this spreadsheet is voltage drop.

There are many other factors that have an impact on wire size. When sizing wire, you should refer to the entire National Electric Code. As well as the main spreadsheet containing the calculations, this tool has 3 more sheets alongside. These are:

Printable VD calculations
Printable Table Parallel wires
Printable Table 310-16

Do not only consider Voltage Drop Calculations and Table 310.16 when sizing conductors. It is necessary that you consider many other factors such as:

the ambient temperature

the type of insulation

the type of load

the temperature rating of the equipment

the size of the breaker

the type of environment

continuous load

the type of circuit

This spreadsheet should be used to calculate voltage drop. Refer to NEC to size wires.

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