SaaS Company Financial Modeling and DCF Valuation Template
Originally published: 07/04/2020 09:25
Last version published: 12/11/2020 10:48
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SaaS Company Financial Modeling and DCF Valuation Template

Comprehensive financial modeling and DCF Valuation, a Model Input Sheet for a SaaS company.

In every SaaS company financial modeling you need to get the company's plans covering the following areas:
- monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
- customer acquisition cost (CAC)
- average revenue per customer (ARPC)
- cost of revenue
- different scenarios
- overhead expenses
- debt raising with timing, moratorium (if any), interest rate, repayment schedule and other details of the debts
- equity raise separated into common stocks and preference stocks with dividend payment plans
- capital expenditure across different asset types with timing details, salvage value and depreciation duration
- tax rate
- bank overdraft facility rate

This model is a deeply discounted resource to help you capture this in a very real-world useful way and is one of the main resources for my comprehensive financial modeling training which you can enroll for on Eloquens and takes you through the following:
- Financial Model template creation and Excel tips
- Fleshing out a dedicated Model Input sheet to aggregate all the client's plans
- Creating scenarios -- Optimistic, Conservative, Pessimistic -- that will flow dynamically into the entire financial statements forecast
- Creating the Revenue Schedule
- Creating the Cost of Sales Schedule
- Creating the Working Capital Schedule
- Creating the Depreciation Schedule
- Creating the Debt Schedule
- Creating the Equity Schedule
- Creating the Tax Schedule
- Creating the Income Statement dynamically
- Creating the Balance Sheet dynamically
- Creating the Cashflow Sheet dynamically
- Carrying out the DCF Valuation
- Computing the Financial Ratios

All the best!

Michael Olafusi

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