A Guide to Demo Day Presentations
Originally published: 26/10/2017 14:24
Publication number: ELQ-96643-1
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A Guide to Demo Day Presentations

Advice on creating and giving presentations on Demo Day

While you read this guide, remember that a short presentation given to potential investors will rarely persuade any one of them to invest right away- especially when your presentation is one in a list of many presentations that day. In this case, the people you are pitching to are solely trying to get a grip of the info being presented to them, and working out in their heads who will be important to meet and who they can afford to ignore. With this in mind, your goal should be less to convince them, and more to generate enough interest that they'll want to meet with you afterwards to find out more. Remember this and follow the advice given here, and you'll have higher chances of having a good demo day.

If you'd rather not read the entire guide, the bottom line and most important point is to practice. You need to know your story back to front. Working extremely hard and with much detail on your pitch will enable you incrementally make it better and more convincing.

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