Corporate Event Strategic Map & Timeline Matrix Templates
Originally published: 05/12/2022 13:22
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Corporate Event Strategic Map & Timeline Matrix Templates

2 PowerPoint and Excel templates for marketing leadership or COS to decide which corporate events to attend and then visualise them on a clear event timeline.

As Chief of Staff (COS), at Wimi (the leading all-in-one secure collaborative suite in Europe), one of my roles was to coordinate the corporate events our team was thinking about attending for a given year.

Given the complexity of identifying events and selecting those to attend, I created two simple methodologies and corresponding PowerPoint Slides to:
1/ Choose which events to attend
2/ Visualise the chosen events on a clear timeline

SLIDE 1: Choosing which events to attend - The "Corporate Event Strategic Map Matrix Template"

This slide has 2 axis, and all events need to be scored on 0 to 1 on two axis:
- Visibility vs Business
- Theme 1 vs Theme 2

->Visibility vs Business
- Is the event tailored for decision makers with a clear project in mind to meet market offer ? (E.g. Trade shows)
- Is the aim more to create brand awareness/ visibility ? (Award Ceremonies)
- Do I have a clear ROI path ?
- How many deals do I expect to make ? What average size ?
- Are the decision makers at the event in my ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) ?

-> Theme 1 vs Theme 2
A business solution, tends to mostly address one key theme (e.g. Cybersecurity), but may have secondary or more specific themes (e.g. Collaboration tools, VPN, IT, National Tech, SME Tech etc.). The idea here is for you to rank each event on the natural proximity to your main theme (Theme 1 – max is 1), or to your secondary themes (Theme 2 – min is 0).

Leading to 4 categories:

🚀 VISIBILITY BOOSTERS -> Significantly increase the business’ visibility (Visibility + Theme 1)

💰 MONEY MAKERS -> Generate Business on Top Theme (Business + Theme 1)

🧭 VISIBILITY EXPLORERS -> Potential to discover new avenues of visibility (Visibility + Theme 2)

🤑 BUSINESS CREATORS -> Generate Business on secondary theme (Business + Theme 2

The cost of each event corresponds to the "size" of the bubble.

The key, based on a number of criteria specific to every organisation, is then to categorize each event:
- Planned
- To Plan
- No Go

✅ SLIDE 2: Choosing which events to attend - The "Corporate Event Strategic Timeline Template"

The object here is to present "visually" the choosen events in SLIDE 1 on a clear timeline, enabling to identify when each event is planned, and the approximate corresponding budget "chuncks" as the year rolls out, per "category".

- Start Date
- Total Cost
- Event Category
- Status (Planned or To Plan)

- - - - - - - -

Given its success at Wimi, I decided to build a universal template any Chief of Staff (COS), Marketing Director, or Public Relations Officer can use to present his or her corporate event plan for a given year or time period.

The file is:
- 2 editable Microsoft PowerPoint Template Slides (one to choose events, and another to present the choosen events in time), with links to the underlying associated Excel Model.
- an online or offline 31 step-by-step methodology, with pedagogical illustrations for each step.
- 1 Excel ONLY

Should you have any questions on using this top tier Chief of Staff (COS) event strategic planning Framework Template slide, you're welcome to reach out to me via Private Message.

Good luck!
- Tim

This Best Practice includes
2 PowerPoint Templates (linked to an Excel) + 1 Excel ONLY Model Version

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