MONEYLENDING (FINANCIERS) 20 Year Business Model with Analysis
Originally published: 18/02/2022 09:33
Publication number: ELQ-73163-1
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MONEYLENDING (FINANCIERS) 20 Year Business Model with Analysis

Masters in Valuation and Business Models

This Moneylending ( FINANCIERS) 20-year Business Model will provide you with the most detailed Cash Flow Statements and Analysis, Income Statements, Balance Sheets and KPI's on the Dashboard. You are able to run 8 x concurrent loan types, each with its own Interest Rates, maturity dates, Loss Ratios and Admin/Collection Fees. The Model is extremely easy to use and is suitable for both large and small moneylenders. Altering any of the input data is simple and fast. Together with these facilities, there is a vast sum of the formula's on each sheet which you are able to follow (just unhide the sheet) and late, add to or expand. All Loans are amortized according to your input data, with their respective interest rates and terms, loss ratios, recovery of loss ratios and respective admin fees charged to all loan types. The Financial analysis for Cash Flow statements takes you through an in detail cash flow analysis on each individual loan type within the statement. For accurate financial analysis, you are able to enter the company tax rate which is formulated in the Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flows. The dashboard produces 20 years of NPV, IRR and MIRR results. This Model is easily adaptable by adding to the formula's which are neatly labelled on the right-hand side of each spreadsheet. Adapt the interest rates to meet your loan types as well as risks associated with loan types. Choose 8 x different target markets and estimate your monthly amount of loans granted to each type and you will quickly see the amount of cash the business will absorb. We are available for adaptions should you so wish.

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The objective is to accurately evaluate the profitability and risk of opening or expanding a moneylending business.

This model applies best to a moneylender or financier who wishes to start or expand the business

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