Production And Sales Card Along with Dynamic Report
Originally published: 21/03/2022 12:01
Publication number: ELQ-46658-1
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Production And Sales Card Along with Dynamic Report

It's a production template that consist of some complex functions along with some conditional formatting.

This production report is based on sample data which was created by me for learning purposes. Further in this template you can find the deep learning of following formula function:

1- IFError
2- Vlookup
3- Average
4- And Some routine mathematical functions (multiplication, etc.)

I also used some data visualization technique to make our report dynamic. And apart from all these complexes excel functions I added some buttons on the top of every sheet to make navigation easily across the workbook.
You can customize it according to your own requirements.

It is a perfect template for the people who works in logistic and sales departments of their respective company.

Further in this template you will also find a good knowledge of conditional formatting, I have tried my best to make a maximum use of conditional formatting in this production cycle template.

You can use this template in your corporate life by modifying it as per your requirements.

If you feel any query just let me know through message we will try figure it out and work on it. Fell free to share your reviews on this model, I would love to hear from your guys and try to improve it.

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Workbook which contain 4 spreadsheets

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