Telecom Customer Retention Analysis
Originally published: 26/07/2021 10:38
Last version published: 27/07/2021 07:29
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Telecom Customer Retention Analysis

Telecom Customer Retention Analysis

This is Telecom Customer Retention Analysis.

In which you see the following things.
•Customers who left within the last month.
• Services each customer has signed up for: phone, multiple lines, internet, online security, online backup, device protection, tech support, and streaming TV and movies.
• Customer account information: how long as a customer, contract, payment method, paperless billing, monthly charges, total charges, and a number of tickets opened in the categories administrative and technical.
• Demographic info about customers – gender, age range, and if they have partners and dependents.
If you want to change anything or need to modify this template you can contact me.
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This Best Practice includes
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