• How to Build a Basic Financial Projection
  • How to Build a Basic Financial Projection
  • How to Build a Basic Financial Projection
Originally published: 13/02/2018 10:31
Last version published: 02/03/2018 14:49
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How to Build a Basic Financial Projection

Josh Turner gives you the tools to create a simple projection forecast for your company's P&L statement.

This video will offer you the tools to judge the future progress of your business, by creating accurate financial projections which can be used in comparison with your business' performance.

This straightforward step by step guide runs you through all of the processess required to create a simple, yet accurate and effective financial projection sheet. Turner suggests ways in which you can analyse your business' current financial performance and use this data to create an accurate financial projection for the coming years. The video highlights how these projections can be used in conjunction with your business' actuals and budget in order to analyse your business' performance. This video will help you establish the long term goals of your business, allow you to forecast your performance whilst analysing your current performance alongside this. This will then allow you to focus your attentions on specific areas that require improvement in order for your business' performance to match your financial projections.

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