Commercial Bid and Contract model

Working Commercial bid Excel model used in several real case contracts

bid modelcommercial modelcontract model

This workbook contains all the features necessary to construct a financial bid including multi supplier service agreements, milestone payments, service credits, capital investment options and so forth.

This is a commercial model with audit which has been used by several organisation including British telecom, Accenture, Fujitsu services, IBM, Thales, Raytheon to name a few.

This is a complex model and is intended for use by experienced users. if you require assistance contact me at Isys systems (RW) Ltd or Simply Private Message me via my profile here:

- Cover
- Contents
- Sum
- Assumptions
- Calendar
- Economic
- Milestone Calculations
- Implementation
- Capex
- Operations
- Tax
- Cash Calcs
- Balance Sheet
- Profit & Loss
- Cash Flow FRS5
- Cash Flow
- Unrecovered Costs
- Sources & Uses
- Annex C2
- Annex C6
- Audit Checks

This business tool includes
Severel worksheet in Excel workbook

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Further information

To provide the Financial proposition to contract signing.

In Multi supplier large bids

Not a General excel financial spread sheet


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