Commercial Bid and Contract model
Originally published: 19/10/2017 11:25
Last version published: 26/06/2020 19:12
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Commercial Bid and Contract model

Working Commercial bid Excel model used in several real case contracts

This workbook contains all the features necessary to construct a financial bid and contract to include multi-supplier (Sub Contractors) service agreements, milestone payments, service credits, capital investment options and so forth for up to 12 years.

This is a commercial model with audit which has been used by several organisation including British telecom, Accenture, Fujitsu services, IBM, Thales, Raytheon to name a few.

This is a complex model and is intended for use by experienced users who understand the mecanisms of putting together the financial for end to end bid. This is significant update to the previous Free version.
The Model is based on logginf assumptions on the contract specifics and the financial proposition. This model will then complete all the financial schedules including Income statement, Balance sheet, Cashflows, Capital schedules, Tax computations, Working capital calculations in both Real and nominal values.
You can adapt this model as you feel free, but beware there one should really have a decent skillset in Excel and also in Bid modeliing before attempting to rip this open.

- Cover
- Contents
- Sum
- Assumptions
- Calendar
- Economic
- Milestone Calculations
- Implementation
- Capex
- Operations
- Tax
- Cash Calcs
- Balance Sheet
- Profit & Loss
- Cash Flow FRS5
- Cash Flow
- Unrecovered Costs
- Sources & Uses
- Annex C2
- Annex C6
- Audit Checks

This Best Practice includes
Several worksheet in Excel workbook

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Further information

To provide the Financial proposition to contract signing.

In Multi supplier large bids

Not a General excel financial spread sheet

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