Residential Property Excel Model (with scenarios)
Originally published: 26/12/2018 10:35
Last version published: 26/12/2018 10:52
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Residential Property Excel Model (with scenarios)

Residential property investment model for assessing potential investments

Residential property investment Excel model for assessing potential investments into residential property. Model contains the ability to compare two different scenarios of assumptions.

The model contains two types of residential property investment business models:
1) Standard monthly rental incomes - set on an annual basis (can therefore increase rents each year). Also includes the option to add management fees.
2) Airbnb model - revenues are based on occupancy and rates that vary my time of year and based on whether it's a weekend or week day. Also includes additional costs such as cleaning bills, Airbnb management fees, taxes, bills and service charges.

Model includes the option to add debt for the property purchase. The debt has the ability to charge interest only or capital and interest repayment. The mortgage can have a fixed initial period at one interest rate and a different rate thereafter. The model contains a macro for these calculations

Outputs include a dashboard of summary results. Additionally, there is a results page that includes both monthly and annual financial statements for the project. Additionally, this contains a variety of useful key performance indicators for property investment.

Other assumptions include (though not an exhaustive list):
- Property purchase assumptions
- The ability to include both historic and forecast assumptions
- Various purchase fees
- Capital growth assumptions
- Property purchase taxes
- Ongoing taxes and sundry costs

This Best Practice includes
1 powerpoint slide of instructions, 1 excel model

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Further information

To be able to calculate a rough return profile for a potential residential property investment. This could be a regular rental property or an Airbnb property. Ability to compare two different potential strategies for a property investment or even two different properties

Where the user has some experience with using models
Some basic knowledge of accounting terms such as ROI, CAGR, and EBITDA
Where the user has a potential residential property investment that they want to assess
Where the user needs to compare up to two different scenarios (not necessarily required)

Where complex corporation tax calculations are required (however the user is able to enter tax payments manually if needed)

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