Financial Model Version Tracker
Originally published: 14/01/2020 12:00
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Financial Model Version Tracker

Financial model tracker is a tool enables you to keep a track of the changes through multiple versions

When you release a new version of a financial model, the first thing that the receiver wants to know is : What has been changed? And what’s the impact of the changes on the key project metrics?

You can always put it in writing but a lazy and efficient way to do the version comparison is to include a tracker sheet and save the key inputs and outputs of different versions of the model.

In the accompanying excel sheet, I’ve put together a template that does this. The template is just the skeleton and you need to link your key assumptions and results to bring life into it.

I also use this sheet to do scenario analysis. I find it quite helpful when I’m running simulations live in a meeting and use it to compare saved scenarios.

The excel template contains a number of VBA codes:
- a copy and paste code to save the active scenario and color code it.
- User Defined Functions to get the last saved date and the last user name

the accompanied PDF manual explain the steps on how to use the excel template and insert it within your own financial model. It also touches on the importance of having a file naming conventions and gives you example of naming conventions that you can adopt across your model versions.

Password Protected VBA: No

Cost: Free

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel Template & 1 PDF manual

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Financial model version Tracker, can also be used for scenario analysis

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