Restaurant - Cash Flow Budget Excel Model
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Restaurant - Cash Flow Budget Excel Model

This template is a one-year Cash Flow Budget for building your funds distribution plan

This Cash Flow Budget is an adaptable tool for cash flow planning, designed specifically for a restaurant scenario. It will help you to predict the cash inflows and outflows of your restaurant over a one-year period.

The tool allows planning for inventory purchases, management of supplier payments as well as payrolls, taxes, bills and other expenses. You will be able to use this data to forecast the long-term financial stability of your company. You can also visual the data in the included cash flow graph worksheet.

With this Cash Flow Budget tool, you will be able to:
-> Project your company’s cash flow situation a year in advance with daily specification
-> Predict the effect of company specific risk factors on company performance
-> Predict possible dividends or the amount of necessary investment through predicting multiple development scenarios
-> Quickly import accounts payable & accounts receivable data from your accounting software and change the payment’s due date
-> Project income and cost of goods sold according to product groups
-> Schedule recurring payments

For further cash flow management, we suggest you have a look at some of the free templates on our channel. There is also a full Restaurant Budget Template that allows projection of all types of restaurant financials available:

If you need a template for a specific industry, which is not presented on our web-site, you might consider ordering a customized Cash Flow Budget. Please contact us via direct message for any queries or customization requests.

This Best Practice includes
1 Cash Flow Budget excel sheet for restaurants

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