Debt Service Reserve Account (Manual & Excel Template)
Originally published: 19/02/2020 16:36
Publication number: ELQ-90062-1
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Debt Service Reserve Account (Manual & Excel Template)

Free Excel template and detailed manual covering the concept and structure of Debt Service Reserve Account.

This manual and accompanying workbook are designed to help you understand the Debt Service Reserve Account (DSRA) and provides you with the steps on how to build a Debt Service Reserve account into your financial models .

Building the structure of DSRA in a project finance model is sometimes tricky and requires many calculation block.
In this manual and the Excel template, structuring the DSRA in a project finance model is broken down into clear steps.

The workbook can be used as a template for integrating DSRA into your project finance model and provide high customization to accommodate different terms.
In this manual you will learn:

- What is Debt Service Reserve account and why it is needed?
- Steps on how to integrate DSRA into your financial models

The template is flexible and can be integrated into your own financial model. If you want to learn more about the template and how to use it, check the PDF manual where I explain what DSRA is and I list the steps on how things to watch out for when dealing with DSRA.

the template is professionally designed based on best practice financial modelling standards and best of all, both files are free to download and use!

I hope you find this post useful. If you want to know more about the audit of project finance models, check the Financial Model Detective book.

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