3-Statement Model with DCF Valuation (MS Excel Model Template)
Originally published: 08/08/2019 20:53
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3-Statement Model with DCF Valuation (MS Excel Model Template)

A 3-Statement (IS, BS, CF) financial model with DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) valuation.

The financial model is built based on a sample company data.

This is a fully integrated 3-statement financial model (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement) of a company using Excel. The 3-statement model includes IS, BS and CFS but also includes some complex calculations and detailed schedules. The model also includes a DCF template using data from your projections and assumptions used in the 3-statement model to calculate the the "fair" value per share of a company based on simple assumptions.

You can control the inputs and assumptions in the model such as revenue growth, costs Tax rate, Working Capital, Capital Expenditures (Capex), Depreciation, Free Cash Flow Terminal Growth Rate, Number of Shares, Current Share Price etc.

The model also includes sensitivity analysis to check how the derived Equity Price changes when there is change to inputs such as WACC and Terminal Growth Rate.

The model contains a macro to print the file as a PDF.

Please note that this model may not ideal for input in the decision making process and it doesn't incorporate detailed analysis. A very comprehensive model (available on request) should be used instead for detailed calculations and precise valuation.

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Further information

Get a 3-statement model with discounted cash flow equity valuation based on the assumptions of operating performance of a company.

Ideal to be used for a company valuation with similar characteristics as the one used.
Ideal to be used as a starting point for any company valuation model.
Ideal to get a grasp of an investment banking / Equity research financial modelling.

Not ideal for decision making and detailed analysis. A very comprehensive model tailored to the subject company (available on request) should be used instead for detailed calculations.

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