Pre tax financial model for renewable project (Solar/Waste to Energy, etc.)
Originally published: 23/10/2019 11:20
Publication number: ELQ-37701-1
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Pre tax financial model for renewable project (Solar/Waste to Energy, etc.)

Simple financial model to calculate pre-tax levered and un levered return to investor/developer.

This tool has one excel spreadsheet. However, it can run and provide analysis for different projects. You can run more than 5 or 10 or 15 projects and see the results if individual projects in an individual spreadsheet.

The tool helps you to analyze a solar project or a waste to energy project or any other energy project with as many as 6 different revenue streams. The tool provides you with a pre-tax and post-tax cash flow which will help you evaluate the economics of the projects.

Replicating sheets is very simple. Just enter a new column next to the last project in the input sheet. Then compy all the inputs from the previous project and make the necessary changes to the inputs of the individual projects. Once you have all the inputs, run "CopySheets" Macro to replicate sheet "1" to all the projects. Similarly, copy the "Project 1" sheet and just change the asset number in each of the project sheets to reflect the asset.

Make sure in the input sheet you have different asset numbers identified, if not then the output sheet would not show accurate information.

With regards to project cost, you can forecast the spending schedule based on equal spend across the development and construction period or use an automatic S-Curve.

In order to take care of the IDC circularities, please run the clear circularities macro.

The Holdco sheet will consolidate all the project cashflow in one sheet. You can modify this as required.

In case of any other query, please reach out to me. I will be happy to help you.

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