Property Investment Forecast Excel Template
Originally published: 14/02/2019 07:11
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Property Investment Forecast Excel Template

A Comprehensive Buy to Let (BTL) Property Model with NPV, IRR, Payback period calculations.

Have you found a Buy-to-Let property and you want to know if it's worth investing? Or planning to invest using a mortgage but not sure what the right Loan-to-value, period length, interest rates is? Or maybe you aren't sure how those will influence your return? Perhaps you want to see how the return different properties will have?

If you want to know the answer to any of these questions simply and easily then this is the right property valuation tool for you.

This Buy-to-Let property model is ideal to quickly calculate the rental yields (Gross or Net), Payback period, Net Present Value and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of a Buy to Let property investment based on your inputs.

Outputs include:
1 )Net Present Value (NPV)
2 )Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
3) Payback Period
4) Net Profit
5) Mortgage Payment Cover
6) Price to Rent Ratio
7) Gross and Net Rental Yield
8) Capitalization ratio
9) Cash-on-Cash Return
10) Amount of interest paid in each year over the life of the mortgage term
11) Amount of principal paid in each year over the life of the mortgage term
12) Mortgage balance over the life of the mortgage term

Inputs include:
1) Purchase Price
2) Loan to Value Ratio
3) Product fee and option to add it in the mortgage
4) Full mortgage term in years
5) Initial interest rate
6) Year of sale
7) Sale Price
8) Buying and Selling Fees
9) Discount rate
10) Tax Rate
11) Forecasted rent and growth
12) Maintenance costs
13) Occupancy rate
14) Letting fees

The model also includes sensitivity analysis to check how the NPV changes when certain inputs change which ideal to perform a stress test on your assumptions. We check the sensitivity of Net Present Value (NPV) to inputs such as Sale Price, Interest rates on a mortgage, annual rent growth (increases and decreases) and the discount rate.

The model runs for 30+1 Years.
We assume that remortgaging takes place every 5 years and interest rates are fixed.
Initial Mortgage product fee can be added in the mortgage balance and the future fees are added as expenses.
Only cost (not interest) is included in the after-tax cash flow. Interest is considered cash as being tax-deductible.
The tax regime differs from one country to the other so please contact us if you need a model for any specific country.

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This Best Practice includes
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Further information

Calculate the value of Buy-to-Let property investments, yields, expenses, mortgage payments based on the publicly available pricing info of a Buy to Let Property

Ideal for investors for looking to get a quick and easy assessment of property investment, inflows and outflows, sensitivities to inputs and a valuation tool.

Not ideal if you need to use a time-series of interest rates, different growth rates each year etc.


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  • thomas shelby
    Hi, if we require this model for UK tax purposes and would like to have an option between interest-only mortgage and repayment, can you supply?
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    • Nikolaos Giannoulis, CFA, AFM, CFM, MSc
      Hi Thomas,
      I can create a template to have the option for interest-only mortgage as well.
      arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
      • thomas shelby
        Hi Nick,

        And what about UK tax? Or is that already incapsulated?

        I noticed you sell a more detailed model for $50. Is it possible to buy the advanced model but with an option for repayment mortgage and interest-only mortgage? Is the price still $50?

        This is my first time using Eloquens so I am not sure how payments work or if this discussion is private or public?

        arrow_drop_uparrow_drop_downReply reply
    • Lex Luthor
      Hi Thomas, I already have a couple of investment properties and am looking for a template that will allow me to enter the individual entries and get a whole of property portfolio perspective. Is this one or the advanced one the right tool for me? ty
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