Full Startup Package
Originally published: 07/02/2018 13:49
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Full Startup Package

All you need to start a small business: startup information book, business plan and budget templates and tools.

You are professional in your trade but new in business. As a matter of fact it is a bit chaotic in your head. Where do you start and what is the most important to start with?

This package gives you a good understanding of the business world and what is important to reflect on at when starting a business. The book 'The Dynamic Business Plan' takes you through the 9 steps on how to startup.

The business plan and budget templates closely follow the issues from the book which makes it easy to fill out the questions in the templates. Once filled out, you will have your own professional business plan.

You also get access to tools that qualifies your business idea. E.g. Calculate needed sales in an excel document that shows a rough estimate over a company’s operating budget. It also gives an overview of how many items/hours you must sell in order to meet your operating budget.

Write a business plan on your iPhone
You can also download the business plan on iPhone. Educate yourself and write your plan when commuting to work. Find it here: http://bit.ly/AppBis

It is important to educate yourself to be an successful entrepreneur. Good luck!

This Best Practice includes
1 PDF e-book, 3 budget spreadsheets,2 business plan templates (word), 3 business development tools

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Unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit in the population.

You must be interested in starting a business.
You are good at your trade but know little about starting a business.

If you have started many companies or have an MBA, the material might not be of value for you.

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