Financial Portfolio Tracking and Valuation Excel Model Template
Originally published: 04/07/2018 14:35
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Financial Portfolio Tracking and Valuation Excel Model Template

Excel portfolio tracking and valuation allows the ongoing tracking of the performance of financial investment portfolios

Excel portfolio tracking and valuation allows the ongoing tracking of the value and performance of a financial investment portfolio. Portfolio performance is accurately monitored by accounting for asset level transactions under the time weighted value methodology. Valuation of portfolios is categorized by configurable asset classes and transaction information is archived when new reporting periods are established.

Portfolio valuation is a concise and portable solution for tracking and monitoring financial portfolio valuation and performance. Portfolio data is entered as via price and quantity information for positions and transactions at asset or security level. Investment transactions cover all possible types including additional investment, distributions, reinvestment and liquidation. Valuation and performance of the portfolio is reported under the time weighted return concept by analyzing all transactions and their timing within a specified reporting data range. New reporting periods can be established whereby financial information is automatically set for new data and transactions archived for safe keeping. The portfolio valuation and performance can be tracked through charting to monitor the portfolio trends.

Investment performance is tracked under the time weighted return methodology by accounting for the timing of transactions and cash flows during the reporting period. Investment data is automatically archived and values set back to starting levels when a new reporting period is established.

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