Integrated 3-way Financial Model in Power BI
Originally published: 09/06/2023 08:58
Publication number: ELQ-85044-1
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Integrated 3-way Financial Model in Power BI

Take your team on a journey from spreadsheets to modelling to analytics leveraging MS Excel and Power BI

There has been a steady and ever-increasing demand for Power BI dashboards and capabilities within accounting and finance teams.

The same teams are managing reporting, KPIs and in some cases even financial modelling and forecasting.
So what do Power BI, KPIs and 3-way modelling have in common? 
KPIs are an essential part of any analytics report as it shows important measures of performance through data.

Working with KPIs is easy and you can use them to display equally complex information.
We use KPIs in Power BI to measure progress and also to measure the distance to a target or a goal by providing interactive dashboards and visualizations.
It is also a powerful tool to embed into 3-way models directly to your mobile phone.
Play with our latest interactive embedded Power BI report below for your viewing pleasure.
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 Bringing the world of financial modelling and analytics together is best done by integrating a 3-way (also known as a 3-Statement model) inside an analytics tool like Power BI.
This is much more complex than what it sounds, so we have done the hard work for you.

This Best Practice includes
1. PDF of report 2. Two PBIX files (2018 and 2023 FY) 3. Two Excel data files (2018 and 2023) 4. PowerPoint

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Further information

To show the approach and technical design of bringing a 3-way financial model into Power BI with pre-defined structure, transformations and DAX measures

For integrating a financial model into Power BI. Allows the buyer to really get familiar with how to use this along with adapting it to their own time series and data.

Where you are looking to also build the financial model from scratch. This just shares the data structure file not the 3-way model with logic and drivers.

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