The Lean Canvas

A different version of the first Business Model Canvas made by Alex Osterwalder.

Original Tool:  The Business Model Canvas  by Alex Osterwalder

The main goal for Lean Canvas was to make it as 'ready-to-use' as was achievable whilst remaining entrepreneur-centric.

Intended to help an entrepreneur go from original idea to the creation of a prosperous startup using a plan that works from the ground up tactfully.

Lean Startup Principles was a big influencer on the design of the Lean Canvas.

The Lean Canvas will enable you to get quickly to a possible Business Model in 9 steps.
1/ Problem & Existing Alternatives
2/ Customer Segments & Early Adopters
3/ Revenue Streams
4/ Solution
5/ UVP - Unique Value Proposition
6/ Channels
7/ Key Metrics
8/ Cost Structure
9/ Unfair Advantage

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This business tool includes
1 explanatory PDF, 1 Lean Canvas Template PDF, 1 Methodology explaining elements of the Lean Canvas

Ash Maurya offers you this business tool for free!

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