Originally published: 12/02/2018 13:53
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A Step-by-Step Process for Discovering and Prioritizing the Best Keywords

This video helps you to enhance your SEO campaign through choosing and prioritising the best possible key words.

This video helps you navigate the complex process of keyword research, helping you to uncover new keywords from a multitude of different sources.

Moz helps you to choose and prioritize the best possible keywords that can be used for your SEO campaigns. This detailed yet straightforward tool offers a step-by-step process that can be followed in order to utilize the best keywords to benefit your SEO.

The video outlines multiple different potential sources of potential keywords, whilst also allowing you to pick keywords to suit your own goals, helping you to accomplish the aims of your SEO. Moz outlines 3 different levels of keyword research, giving you the knowledge to target clients whilst also targeting those who are influential in your market. The video offers also offers a template with which you can easily prioritise the effectiveness of your keywords, allowing you to identify the strongest keywords for you. The 4 step plan will give you the opportunity to identify areas which could be explored to improve your SEO campaign through the targetting of keywords. This simple plan is a great way to go through keyword research and keyword targetting to get hte content and optimization priorities that you need for SEO.

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