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How To Scale Your Investing Business And Do Deals Everywhere

Using Push Button Automarketer, Joe Crump shows you how to use the software to scale your investing business.

Using a screensharing method, Joe Crump walks you through how you can use Push Button Automarketer to scale your investing activities and make more deals happen.

Deals and Campaigns can be done in as many locations as you can work with. This video will show you how to set that up. There are already a couple of default campaigns set up within Automarketer.

If you'd like to set up a campaign in LA for example, you can clone the series you have made for another location. So if you've already sent a series of texts to leads in Indianapolis, you are able to send the same series of texts to your leads in LA. You will also be able to see how to buy a phone number with that specific area code.

The video will take you through each process of the campaign step by step.

Length: 4 minutes 24 seconds

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