Retail Investment Excel Calculator
Originally published: 18/04/2019 13:38
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Retail Investment Excel Calculator

This is a calculator for retail companies that plan to open a new shop and want to work out their Return on Investment.

This is an ROI calculator for retail companies that plan to open a new shop and want to calculate their return on investment with given assumptions and breakeven sales volume.

It is an extremely useful tool for those who which to understand the profitability of opening a new store.

This worksheet contains key assumptions that are needed to calculate current costs and sales in the “NPV plan” worksheet.

It is presented in an easily understandable MS Excel document, ready-to-use, and instantly downloadable.

This calculator has 5 tabs, these include:

- Assumptions; Fill your data on assumptions that include sq ft area, rent, rent %, public utilities, marketing fees, # of employees, average gross squares, interest rate per anum, employment taxes and benefits, sales growth rate.
- Scenarios; Allows for four different scenarios, worst case, base case, optimistic case, and a break-even case.
- NVP plan; Net Present Value and ROI calculations are made here.
- NVP Chart; showing calculation in a visual manner
- Solver; solve mathematical problems

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