360 view of Sales, Cost and Profitability
Originally published: 21/10/2019 15:06
Last version published: 20/05/2020 10:40
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360 view of Sales, Cost and Profitability

Would you like to get a 360' view of your sales,cost and profitability? Are you making the correct decisions?

Analyzing data more often than not increases efficiency, but also helps identify new business opportunities that may have been otherwise overlooked, such as untapped customer segments. In doing so, the potential for growth and profitability becomes endless and more intelligence based.

This report will optimize your decision making with your day to day data.

A clear understandable power bi report analysing sales, costs and profit by:
- Category
- Product
- Store
- Nationality
- Employee
- Mix of the above
- By hour, week, weekday

All these reports can be filtered by any time dimension or any other available measures.

**The file is a sample of KPI's . The report can be customised based on your needs.

Steps after buying:
If you buy it, you will get a power bi file which requires installation of Power Bi Desktop and sign up to create and an account ( easy to make one ).
This file is an example of what the report contains.
You have to send me the excel file with tables of data and I will make the file work for you with special requests included.

To complete the report I need the following :
- Excel file with raw data of sales & cost .
- Kpi's you want to visualize.

If you are not satisfied with the file I will send you, you can ask for 2 revisions.

This Best Practice includes
1 power bi file, 1 excel file

Acquire business license for $190.00

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Further information

To provide a 360 view of a business performance presenting the most significant KPI's sliced by any available dimension.
e.g. best selling product by hour, by employee, by nationality, by store, by category, most profitable product by hour, by employee, by nationality, by store, by category.

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