How to Best Utilize Your Free Time During the COVID-19 Crisis?
Originally published: 26/03/2020 14:33
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How to Best Utilize Your Free Time During the COVID-19 Crisis?

🕵️‍♀️ Discover our simple 10-step 👣 guide to make the most of your free time during the COVID-10 crisis.


As the Eloquens Academy, we do believe that 🗣" Free time is a terrible thing to waste." (E.A. Bucchianeri). To prevent such a valuable resource from being wasted, we have prepared for you an ultimate guide on ▶ HOW TO BEST UTILISE YOUR TIME DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS 👀 .

You can follow these 10 simple steps 👣 to enjoy your extra free time 🤩 opened to you by the current situation whilst unleashing your full potential 💪.  

  • Step n°1 |


    Having a roadmap 🛣 is equally important when  you go on a journey 🚗 , start a new project 💻 and plan your free time 🎾. Taking a few minutes to think about what you would like to achieve during these particular times will help you set clear goals and stay motivated. As a result, chances of reaching your objectives will significantly increase 📈🤗. Re-think your New Year's Resolutions, ponder on the things that you have always wanted to learn or try but never had neither enough time nor motivation to actually engage with them. Check which of these are realizable under these unusual circumstances and get started! 🚀

    Choose between 3-5 objectives (less is more in this case: you are more likely to stick to them) and ✍ write them down. You can make a list, a poster, a mind map - whatever works best for you. 🏆 Put it in a visible place in your house (next to your mirror,, above the kitchen sink, by the TV,...) and get going 💪. You can divide bigger goals into smaller mile stones, for example: "Start learning Japanese" can be split into: 1) Download the app. 2) Find vocabulary lists. 3) Set daily reminders on your phone etc. Treat your free time like your work project: set yourself due-dates 📅and milestones🚩 but don't forget that it should stay FUN 💃 (it's your FREE time at the end of the day). If you're afraid that your days in confinement will get samey and you will loose motivation, try keeping a diary 📖. You can make use of your agenda or even Google/Outlook Calendar. The objective is to write down a short note every day that will help you keep track of your progress with regard to your free time goals and will encourage you to stay engaged in various activities.  How does it work? Noone likes seeing blank pages that mean unproductive and boring days... 😉
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  • Step n°2 |


    It’s easy to become somewhat lazy 🛏  when you don’t have to (or can’t!) leave the house 🏡. Your morning routine gets disrupted and your habits are changing… Such situations, seemingly pleasant at first, may cause significant distress in a long run 🏃‍♀️: disorganisation of your days, difficulties in fulfilling your professional- and family-life commitments, a decrease in your well-being or, at worst, anxiety.

    These are good reasons why it is so important to develop a healthy routine 📅 under these new circumstances. You should try to stick to your previous (good) habits as much as you can and add some new, valuable, ones such as starting your day with a short mindful meditation session, following your meal schedule and doing home workouts every afternoon. Do not forget that ‘structure is what gives you space for spontaneity’ - when your day is structured, you will feel much happier 😊 and willing to engage in spontaneous activities outside of your daily schedule. 💃
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  • Step n°3 |


    Take advantage of this particular time to focus 🔎 on what you are likely to be pushing to the side in your day-to-day busy life:➡ your very own Personal Development ⬅. Make the most of the extra hour ⏰ a day that you are saving on your usual commute and sit down to think 🤔 of how you see yourself, where you are in life and the aspects of your character, behaviour or even thinking habits that you would like to work on. You can ask a trusted friend or family member 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 for a second opinion as they are likely to give you a few meaningful suggestions; we are not always fully aware of how we are perceived by others… 👀

    If you are wondering how to get started with this challenging step, you can visit Eloquens Personal Development Tips Category with an excellent 📽 video set 📽 published by Prof. Jordan B. Peterson standing for an introduction to his book “12 Rules for Life: an Antidote of Chaos”📖 . 
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