Customer Invoicing System Excel Model
Originally published: 19/04/2018 15:15
Last version published: 05/07/2018 10:24
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Customer Invoicing System Excel Model

Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management solution with management of customer information and product details.

Customer Invoicing and Inventory Management combines customer and product/service information management with sales invoicing. The solution is self-contained and portable with the ability to export and export data to and from existing in-house systems.

Flexibility of the system allows customer and product details to be updated independently or as orders are made and sales invoices are generated. Referential integrity between customers, products and orders allows advanced sales reporting to be quickly generated for analyzing profitability, amounts due and performance by customer and product lines.

The Excel invoice template provides a control panel to establish predefined content for the invoice template and facilitate efficient customer invoice management. Products, customers and orders can be quickly and easily accessed, added, modified and removed.

The invoice template can be used for either product or services and customized with styles and content for specific business branding and requirements.

The entered or updated customer and product or service details are immediately available cell drop down menus with the invoice to quickly create invoices for customers which can then be printed or saved as PDF files for sending.

A more advanced version of the invoicing system with CRM and automated inventory management as well as dynamic sales reporting can be found at

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