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How to Create a Sales and Business Development Strategy

Krista Jones gives presentation on developing a sales & business development strategy for B2B businesses.

The time has come for you to start selling the technology you have developed. Two if the key drivers of growth for startups are sales and business development, however if you are a B2B business it can make things significantly more complex. This is especially if your technology is new to market.

To help you be prepared for your first sale, this session covers the following topics:

-Identifying the right targets
-Types of sales/dist. channels and how you go about choosing the best one for you
-Stages along the sales funnel
-Booking, preparing, and conducting the sales call
-Identifying the risks of the sale
-The challenges of closing a sale

This is a must-see considering the importance of sales for a startup.

Video Length: 1:19:29

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