Essential JavaScript - A JavaScript Tutorial
Originally published: 07/03/2018 17:21
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Essential JavaScript - A JavaScript Tutorial

Simple introduction to the basic language constructs of JavaScript programming.

This PDF is an incredibly useful tool for anyone interested in JavaScript programming. JavaScript can be used in many different situations, from object-oriented-programming to recursion and lambda. This document is an essential tool for JavaScript beginners, offering a walk through guide to the language of JavaScript.

The document is broken down into 25 steps, increasing in difficulty as you work through. This tool will guide you through the very basics of JavaScript programming, right through from getting started writing your code to the more technical things like 'Dynamic HTMLs' and JavaScript loops.

This 22 page document is a thorough introduction to JavaScript programming, leaving no stone unturned in giving you the basic, essential tools needed to go and express yourself in JavaScript code.

First off, you will learn how to set up a blank HTML page and complete the "Hello World!" activity and open it in your web browser. Next, Patrick outlines the simple rules and structures of In-Line JavaScript, giving an insight into how the code is structured and how it functions. Patrick also demonstrates how you can create external JavaScript files to store your common codes that will be used on all of your web pages.

In this document, you will learn three different output methods. These are WRITELN, ALERT and GETELEMENTBYID. This tutorial will explain how to perform each of these methods, how they differentiate and why they may be used. Two different input methods are also discussed, namely the onClick and User Input methods. As such, this tutorial will give you the tools to master 3 different types of output and 2 types of input methods.

The tutorial then goes on to explain comments and variables in JavaScript and how you can use these tools to suit your programming needs. This will also give you an insight into the special keywords such as NaN that are used in JavaScript.

The tutorial then goes on to discuss more complex processes such as 'arithmetic operators', 'conditionals' and 'loops'. Therefore, this tutorial is a knowledge building process, taking you through from the very bare-bone basics of JavaScript right through to the more complex programming that you may want to explore.

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