Wind Energy Project Finance Model
Originally published: 29/06/2020 13:34
Publication number: ELQ-77992-1
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Wind Energy Project Finance Model

Wind Energy Project Finance model – one stop solution for a flexible, easy to understand template and can be modified

The financial model is a template for Wind energy power project with all the standard workings which can be tweaked for region/country specific regulations. The model has three broad sections - Inputs, Calculations and Output worksheets.

Model Functionalities:
•Scenario manager with flexibility to record key outputs for multiple scenarios
•Timeline: Flexibility of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual for both construction phase and operation phase
•Macro-economic: 10 indexation profiles with flexibility of uplifting periodic or annual
•Capital Expenditure: S-curve basis or on fixed annual cost basis with flexibility of either expensed/ capitalised in P&L
•Generation: Gross generation with an option to select from P50, P75 and P90 scenarios and flexibility to change seasonality, availability and degradation factors
•Revenue: PPA and market revenue with flexibility to restrict PPA price in accordance to floor and cap price (after discount)
•Operating costs: Fixed and variable cost provided as an annual real value with flexibility to choose the required indexation
•Working capital: Month basis delay applied on revenue & costs
•Financing: Flexibility to use a combination between 2 senior debts, 2 shareholder loan and equity; Repayment sized on annuity or sculpted basis with an option to achieve pre-specified target DSCR ratio and Flexibility to amend the debt tenor and grace period in addition to LIBOR, margin and base rates
•Reserves: DSRA calculated on look forward period approach.
•Accounting & Tax: Unit income tax assumption and the ability to choose the depreciation duration. Taxable income is calculated by utilising the accrued taxable losses
•Ratios and returns: Key ratios such as DSCR (Annual historic and forecast) and LLCR along with project and equity IRR
•Cash waterfall: Net cashflow calculated on priority basis on operational cashflow

Key Outputs
•Financial Statements as per model timeline and annual
•Dashboard presenting key outputs as per different perspective
- Project – IRR, timeline assumptions, plant assumptions, sources and uses of funds during construction and operations, EBITDA margins, revenue vs cost, capital expenditure
- Lender’s - key ratios comparison (DSCR, LLCR) & debts profile and balance, CFADS vs debt service
- Shareholder’s – Equity IRR, shareholder loan profile, cash balances, dividend distribution

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