Payroll Cash Denomination Calculator
Originally published: 12/08/2021 09:13
Publication number: ELQ-86959-1
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Payroll Cash Denomination Calculator

To assist in calculating the distribution of monetary denominations for cash payrolls.

Shane is from Surabaya, Indonesia, where he works as a professional Business Turnaround Strategist managing operations on a local and international scale.

Armed with tertiary qualifications in IT and Management, and over 30 years of experience with MS Excel with a focus on Data Analysis Dashboards, Shane specialises in helping business owners to improve profitability and levels of service through the implementation of effective systems and complementary marketing initiatives.


The excel workbook contains an instructions sheet, along with a variety of 9 calculated worksheets, including 5 with colour schemes for IDR, AUD, USD, GBP, and Euro currencies, and 4 sheets for any currencies that have from 5 to 8 whole "dollar" denominations.

After entering employee data (currently for 500 employees, on any sheet), this tool will automatically calculate the number of banknotes required, for each denomination, to fulfil a cash payroll. If the payroll will be paid from a limited cash float, then the number amounts of cash on hand for each denomination can be entered, and the tool will then indicate any denominations that may require adjustments so that the payroll may be paid using the available cash on hand.

As all sheets are unlocked, a skilled user may add more rows to accommodate for larger workforces, or add more columns to accommodate for small coinage (cents/pence, etc) for their local currency, if they so desire.

This Best Practice includes
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Further information

This tool is designed to ascertain if a payroll is able to be paid from available cash on hand.

This tool is designed for situations where there is inadequate access to and use of electronic bank facilities and the payroll is best paid in cash.

This tool is not suitable for electronically deposited payrolls.

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