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How to measure Performance and choose KPIs

Learn Basics of Key Performance Indicators

This short video is an introduction to performance measurement.

Reportings or Dashboards are IT management tools created with softwares such as Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Tableau, etc. They are composed of indicators in the form of numbers, statistics, tables, charts, graphs, formatting...etc

These indicators are used to measure the performance of the activity or the company.

This is theorical, but in practice, how do we measure performance ?

Performance is measured by comparing the results obtained with a benchmark. The results obtained do not necessarily refer to the financial result, It is the actual achievements of the activity or the company.

Is sales activity for example, the "Result" indicators can be the revenue, sales volumes , market shares, customer debt collection rate, Days Sales Outstanding, customer returns, customer satisfaction rate, customer complaints processing times, average waiting time, etc.

The benchmark against which we compare the results may be the targets fixed by the company or by the manager or other benchmarks that we will see along the video.

The indicators you choose must draw your attention to what is going well and what is not. They must prompt you, drive you to take action, to decision-making and to the improvement of your results and the global improvement of your business.

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