Antique Shop Excel Financial Model
Originally published: 09/02/2021 08:50
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Antique Shop Excel Financial Model

The Antique Shop Excel Financial Model is a very sophisticated planning tool to obtain reliable company’s financials.

Have you decided to open an Antique business shop? Has it been something you’ve thought of collecting all the antiques, collectibles, seeing people fondness over the years? Before making any serious moves towards opening this shop, you must have a comprehensive and dynamic financial plan. This Antique Shop Excel Financial Model is the framework by which you can begin to estimate everything from your startup expense to various collectibles to keep cashflow manage.

This Financial Model consists of all relevant financial statements and performance metrics, which enable the user to make sound decisions by considering all operational risk factors. Oak Business Consultant has developed this template specifically for the Antique shop niche with a 5-year details forecast. It will help you to manage and organize your business efficiently. Using this model, you cannot be distracted by complicated calculations and utilize more time in marketing activities and managing your customers’ tasks.

The Antique Shop Excel Financial Model is highly adaptable and dynamic for forming a 5-year monthly and yearly 3 statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow Statement) financial projections for a startup or existing agency. This model also consolidates a discounted cash flow valuation calculation by using the projected Free Cash Flows. The Financial Model also calculates the main relevant financial performance ratios and KPIs required by banks and investors to estimate business profitability and liquidity.

The model will help you:

- Develop Sales Strategy
- Diagnose Issues
- Forecast Cashflows for 3 years
- Calculate Start-Up Cost
- Utilization of Funds
- Control over Business
- Set Goals
- Financial and Business Planning
- Investor Deck

Financial Model Highlights
- Dynamic
- Revenue Model – Software Selling + Website Ads
- Cost Model - Editable Inputs
- Revenue Assumptions
- Income Statement
- Cashflow Analysis
- Balance Sheet
- Proforma Income Statement and Cashflows
- Diagnostic Tools
- Business Ratios
- Depreciation
- Dashboard

Reasons to use this model

a. The model can convince investors

The presentation of models is its key feature it is easy to use and contains a graphical representation of your business. We have used simple logic and prediction which can be understood by anyone. Graphs, Charts and diagnostic tools sheet is also added which tells the investor about the current status of a company in a single line.

b. Ease of Use

Many models on the internet are available but most are complex and a user with no finance knowledge will find it difficult to use. The Template we built is highly dynamic and user friendly. You do not need to read long boring manual or instructions to use the template.

c. Easy to understand

Our transparent financial model template is very easy to use. Anyone with less financial knowledge is able to understand and use the model

d. Reliable

The model contains control checks so that an error is automatically flashed

e. Great Value for Money

The model contains every statement, analysis, and charts and is complete. Its best suits for start-ups and SMEs. Many models available contains a few sections or sheets of financial modeling. For example – A model doesn’t contain a balance sheet or business ratios or there aren’t any graphs. We have included everything from inputs to Balance Sheet to Diagnostic tools to Business rations making the model a great value for money

This Best Practice includes
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