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How to Make Money Online

In this video Hitesh Choudhary offers his best methods to make money online

In this video Hitesh Choudhary offers his insights into how best to make money online. He breaks down his key methods into 4 clear examples, giving you the key tools needed to make money. He suggests that two things are needed in order to make money through the web. He also argues that you simply need to have a set of expert skills, coupled with plenty of hard work and determination in order to make money online.

He suggests that most money making schemes online are simply scams, and that in order to make money, you need to put in lots of hard work yourself.

The first means of making money online is through freelancing. There are plenty of websites through which you can offer your expert services in different fields for money. Hitesh suggests the best ways in which you can show off your skillset through these sites and how best to sell yourself and ultimately, make money. This will show you how to stand out from the thousands and thousands of other online freelancers.

The second means by which Hitesh suggests you can make money is through blogging. Through these blogs you can make money through advertising depending on how frequent and popular your blogposts are.

The third method of making money online is through YouTube channels. However, Hitesh gives key insights into the difficulties of making money through YouTube. Despite this, he suggests it can be done, and can be a hugely profitable means of online money making.

Finally, he discusses the idea of affiliate marketing. This is where you use your online platform (through your YouTube channel or blogposts) to market for other companies.

Ultimately, this video will give you a clear idea of the best ways in which you can make money online.

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