Executive Summary Template
  • Executive Summary Template
  • Executive Summary Template
Originally published: 31/01/2018 11:32
Publication number: ELQ-80421-1
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Executive Summary Template

A ready-to-use executive summary template with instructions on how to use.

This template created by Global Social Venture Competition is a great ready-made and easy-to-follow executive summary template that can be used in your business plan. Simply edit the document following the instructions below.

Instructions on how to use:

> For the first round, your executive summary must be no longer than 3 pages, single-spaced, 0.75 inches margins and minimum 11-point font.

> For the second and third round, your executive summary be no longer than 5 pages, following the same formatting.

> You don’t need to answer directly to every prompt question - they are meant to provide initial guidance on each section of the executive summary.

> Make sure you address at least the following topics: Value Proposition, Social Impact, Revenue Model, Team and Financial Model.

> Deliverables should be grouped together in Adobe PDF file format (preferred) or Microsoft Word compatible text documents with the following file name: “TeamName_GSVC2016_Round1.” The team name should appear on each page of each deliverable.

> Visit the GSVC resources page for guidance and tools on the content of the executive summary.

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