Vertical Analysis Excel Template
Originally published: 17/03/2019 21:30
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Vertical Analysis Excel Template

The Vertical Analysis Template is a tool that helps to perform vertical (common-size) analysis.

It can be used for both Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet. The calculator compares each position of the statements to Revenue (for P&L) or Total Assets/Liabilities (for Balance Sheet). It makes it possible to identify the most money-consuming and money-earning positions. The design of the template easily allows to plug-in the necessary information in order to obtain results.

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Functionality of the Vertical Analysis Template:
-> identify significant money-earning products/services as well as money-consuming expenses;
-> take further actions based on the given information.

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To fill in the Balance Sheet and Profit&Loss statement for vertical analysis.

If you do not have Balance Sheet and Profit&Loss

If you do have Balance Sheet and Profit&Loss

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