Dashboard for Budget Data (Updated Version)
Originally published: 06/09/2019 16:22
Publication number: ELQ-99861-1
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Dashboard for Budget Data (Updated Version)

Detailed and extensive dashboard tool for monitoring and visualising your budgeting

This is an in-depth Excel tool that will help you to log, monitor and visualise the budget of your business.

This Excel model consists of 9 tabs that will allow you to monitor your budget. These are:

-The data
-Steps to prepare dashboard
- 6 tabs for 6 different charts
- Dashboard tab

As such, this model allows for huge amounts of input data that is then calculated and transformed into the dashboards.

You will be able to input financial information based on your departmental budgets regarding various expenses such as: Salaries and wages, rental, travel, admin and advertising.

This information is transformed into a series of graphs and charts in the pile up tab which show:

- Expenses Comparisons
- Product Expenses Comparisons
- Revenue vs Expenses
- Monthly Performance

These charts are also projected in the simple dashboard and broken down into expenses, revenue and a summary.

The interactive dashboard gives graphs based on expenses and revenues. These graphs are interactive and allow you to view your: CGS, GP; Operating Income, Total Expenses, Total Revenue, Administrative Expenses and Advertising Expenses as well as your product expenses.

Ultimately, this is a great tool for logging your budget and expenses and quickly visualising them in the easy to use dashboards.

This Best Practice includes
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