How to get started as an Eloquens author - a Checklist
Originally published: 17/05/2019 14:56
Last version published: 25/08/2021 14:47
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How to get started as an Eloquens author - a Checklist

Step-by-step author checklist to help you create a high-quality channel on Eloquens


This is a step-by-step guide to generate your channel, publish your best practices and create your community.

  • Step n°1 |


    1. Add a short summary about your expertise and interests
    What would you like to share?
    Which industry do you work in?
    What are your professional interests?
    BIO is the #1 thing that readers look at!

    2. Add a professional channel photo to help others recognise you
    Users with a photo are 20x more trusted by users!

    3. Customize your channel with a cover photo that defines your personal brand

    4. Add a link to your social network pages, your website, and your email to get more visibility on other platforms

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  • Step n°2 |


    1. Choose your best practices

    Think about...
    What type of best practices have you published or used in the past?
    Which best practices are you the proudest of?
    What is your field of expertise?

    TIP: Follow Channels similar to yours for constant inspiration on similar content you could publish

    2. Decide which strategic direction you want to take as an author

    Do you want to publish in the most popular categories of Eloquens?
    Check out the ‘The Place to Be’ strategy in the link below.

    Do you want to be part of the up-and-coming categories of Eloquens?
    Find out more about the ‘Surf the Wave’  in the link below.

    Do you want to create your own alternative category?
    Learn about the ‘Be the Pioneer’ strategy in the link below.

    3. Start publishing!
    There is a step-by-step guide that will follow you during the upload of your best practice.

    4. Drive traffic to your best practice
    Congrats, you've made it to the most fun bit of Eloquens! Now use the power of the internet! 
    Share your best practices on social media, blogs, send them via email...grow your network!

    5. Decide whether to monetize your best practice or share it for free.
    You can start monetizing at any point, and you can get a net revenue of 85% every month.

    lightbulb_outline'The Place to Be' strategy 
    'Surf the Wave' strategy
    'Be a Pioneer' strategy

    How to get started as an Eloquens author - a Checklist image
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