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How to Improve Your Visual UI Design Skills

Mike Locke shares some tips on how to improve your visual UI design skills in a short 6 minute video.

In this video, Mike Locke gives you some advice on how to take your visual UI design skills to another level. He uses an example of how top-notch visual UI design skills can land you the perfect job, a client, or a business opportunity you have been hoping for. It all comes from your visual UI design work.

He gives some pointers on how to improve your visual UI design skills that he has used himself, and has proved to be successful:

1) Forget everything you know (but not really!)
2) Find a designer to shadow
3) Color combinations
4) Spacing
5) Typography
6) Textures, icons, and consistency
7) Simplicity

These steps to improving your visual UI design are fully explained in the video.

Video Length: 5:47

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