SAAS Financial model template generated by Team Strategy financial model
Originally published: 10/10/2022 08:32
Last version published: 31/10/2022 12:11
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SAAS Financial model template generated by Team Strategy financial model

An easy-to-use and customizable financial modelling template that covers all the key areas of investment, costs, profits, loss and sustainability

Software as a service has been the fastest growing sector with the most diversification and some of the best innovations in the field of software development. SaaS as an industry creates and provides customizable software for a wide range of fields such as hospitality, sales, customer relationship management, indenting, stocks and warehousing, hospital management software, billing and payment processing, government services, transport and travel sector etc. They have a diverse selection of costs, risks, recurring expenses, hiring and firing costs, establishment or merger costs, licensing fees etc.
We have kept the dynamic nature of the industry in mind when creating our flexible business templates.
Our template takes key inputs about your business to give you an accurate understanding of key concepts such as forecasting Average Recurring Revenue Per User (ARRPU), Total Recurring revenues, Upsell Revenues and X-sell revenues as a percent of the fixed returns whichever form they may take.
Key inputs:
Beginning Active Users
New Users
Un- subscriptions
Ending Active Users.
After the revenue forecast, our template ventures to estimate and forecast variable costs as a percent of revenue.The aim is to combine different SaaS financial model components like Recurring Revenue Model, Operating Expense Model, and SaaS P&L Template.
Our model has plenty of room to cover an array of variable cost components:
Professional services to Hosting Expenses
Direct Third-Party Costs
Customer Success (Retention)
Onboarding, and Direct Salaries.
Our template is flexible and can be used to calculate staff additions, increased salary outflow and your company’s fixed costs including Marketing, Selling Expenses, Product Development, Indirect Salaries etc.

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