Stock Portfolio Tracker 2023 Google Sheets Template
Originally published: 15/03/2023 09:06
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Stock Portfolio Tracker 2023 Google Sheets Template

Here, we will be discussing the Stock Portfolio Tracker template that is used to track your stock portfolio’s performance.

The template will allow entering all Stock transactions in one single table and immediately view the following in the Stock Portfolio Dashboard.

1. The Current market value of all your stocks and the Cash balance
2. Today’s market performance and your portfolio performance
3. List of all your stocks with performance data (Quantity, Gain/Loss, % Gain/Loss, etc.)

The template can handle 7 types of stock transactions (Buy, Sell, Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Dividend Payout, Dividend Reinvestment, Fees).

How to track your Stock Portfolio in Google Sheets
The template has two visible sheets
1. Transactions – where you enter all the stock transactions
2. Portfolio Dashboard – which is fully automated and displays the Portfolio dashboard

In the transactions sheet, we begin by entering the Starting cash balance at the top.
Then we can enter each transaction in the table. In the above screenshot, we have entered several transactions.
Enter Transaction date and Exchange Code:Ticker symbol of the stock you traded.
Kindly ensure to enter the correct code and ticker symbol for Google to correctly identify the stocks.
You can select the stock you are interested in.
Choose the Transaction Type.
There are 7 possible transaction types supported in the template.

1. Buy: When buying a stock – this will reduce the Cash balance and increase the stock quantity and thus your portfolio’s Market Value
2. Sell: When selling a stock – – this will increase the Cash balance and decrease the stock quantity and thus your portfolio’s Market Value
3. Cash Deposit: When adding Cash from external accounts (like your personal checking or savings account in bank) into your stock management platform which would then be available to buy stocks
4. Cash Withdrawal: When you are taking Cash from the Stock Management platform to an external account (like your personal checking or savings account in bank)
5. Fees: When any fees are applied which reduces money from your Cash balance
6. Dividend Payout: When Dividend is issued that increases money in your Cash Balance
7. Dividend Reinvestment: when Dividend is issued that increases stock quantity of the stock that issued Dividend. Cash balance is not impacted.

Portfolio Dashboard

On the left side of the Dashboard, the overall summary is presented.

On the right side, we have the individual stocks and their performance.

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