1 Year P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Breakeven Analysis
Originally published: 11/08/2020 22:08
Publication number: ELQ-59824-1
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1 Year P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Breakeven Analysis

Professional excel templates for those wanting quality financial statements or those starting a new business!

Get your financial statements in top shape with this financial modeling tool to help you produce a 12-month P&L (Profit and Loss), Cash Flows Statement, Balance Sheet, and Break-even Analysis – all drive off from your inputs. A huge number of line items that can be chosen as needed and the instructions to work it out.

This excel template is great for those starting out looking at their financials from scratch or thinking through new ventures. You can customise as your please and has a large number of line items to suit any business

The whole model is driven off the inputs and assumptions input by the author which makes this template ideal for any business.

- Profit & Loss statement can comprise of up to 5 individual products, all of which can be driven independently based either on manual inputs or an approximation of month on month growth as well as a large number of cost items (including additional space for author inputted items)

- Cash flow takes each of the P&L items and allocates them across when the money is received (rather than accrued) in line with accounting standards driven from inputs)

- Breakeven analysis automatically calculates when the business will make as much money as has been invested

- Balance sheet will create a full view of the assets, liability and equity of the business

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Helping you to create industry leading financial statements with minimal errors and guiding you to complete your full profit & loss, cash flow and balance sheet for coming 12 months of trading (or for your brand new business!)

- Basic ability to use excel
- Understanding of the business you are looking to create accounts for
- Able to follow the instructions as accurately as possible and reflect on the outcomes

- You need excel!


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